What We Do

Worldwide On-Site Technology Repair Services

"95% of our dispatches result in a first-visit repair, 99.9% onsite arrival record, 97% of our dispatches arrive on time
or early."
Contingent offers a field dispatch, troubleshooting and repair service and that was specifically designed for Clients who have a frequent need for repair visits. Payment options are available at a flat annual rate or activity-based with no contractual commitments like those found in traditional maintenance agreements. Clients can choose from numerous arrival intervals across multiple skill levels with hundreds of hardware/software/infrastructure certifications. For more information about our Technology Repair Services, click to view pricing.


  • Two hour, four hour, same day, next day, second day on-site arrival times from receipt of request
  • Payment options available to pay a flat annual rate or pay as you, activity-based
  • 20% discounts for prepayment in volume
  • 7×24 web-based and email dispatch availability
  • Technical support and troubleshooting
  • Voluntary response time SLA and automatic penalties
  • Status and performance reporting
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Certifications in a variety of technologies
  • Lifetime Workmanship Warranty


  • Fastest on-site resolution available
  • Contingent takes “Total Problem Ownership”
  • Pricing options available – pay as you go or based on annual fee
  • Wide variety of dispatch options – email, call, through our website
  • Availability and security of network optimized
  • On-site response in as little as two hours
  • Best-in-Class methods to track assets, troubleshoot, repair and document problems
  • Immense savings on high volume work
  • Contingent’s “Total Problem Ownership” approach

Example Activities

Sending a Dispatch Request

There are three ways to request a field service call (dispatch) from Contingent:

  1. Via Contingent Web Site: Please fill out the online Dispatch Request form and submit. You will receive a confirmation email indicating the request was received. A Contingent Project Coordinator will contact you via email or telephone to provide relevant information regarding progress in covering the dispatch.
  2. Via Standard Email: Please send an e-mail with all pertinent information to our dispatch team at dispatch@contingent.com. You will receive a confirmation email indicating the request was received. A Project Coordinator will contact you via email or telephone to provide relevant information regarding progress in covering the dispatch.
  3. Via Telephone: Please dial (800) 506-9609 and press “1” when prompted. This will route you to a Project Coordinator. After hours, this call will be routed through our Client Care Center who will then assign a Project Coordinator to your request. The Project Coordinator will then contact you via email and telephone. The Project Coordinator shall create an internal Contingent trouble ticket based upon the information contained in the request and reply in writing with that ticket number.

Assigning Criticality

There are five (5) levels of priority or what we call “criticality” and each can be requested during or after regular business hours. In lieu of the following, just telling us exactly when we should arrive will automatically assign a criticality to your request. Regular business hours are considered 8:00AM through 5:00PM of the affected site.

Criticality is defined as below:

  • Criticality 1 (2 Hours On-Site) – Emergency
    A problem that is determined by Client to require immediate response.
  • Criticality 2 (4 Hours On-Site) – Major
    A problem that prevents the End-Users ability to access the network. The network, in whole or in part, is “down and is considered inoperable. Client or Client’s Customers are unable to communicate on the network by either primary or backup means.
  • Criticality 3 (Same Day On-Site) – Minor
    A minor problem that slightly impacts the End-Users ability to access the network. The problem may be intermittent
    in nature. End-Users have not been hampered by an apparent failure, but rather an inconvenience without a need for
    fast resolution.
  • Criticality 4 (Next Day On-Site) – Routine
    A minor problem that does not impact the End-Users ability to access the network. The problem may be intermittent in nature. This criticality would also apply to questions and/or manners of general consultation.
  • Criticality 5 (2nd Day On-Site) – Scheduled
    Same as level 4 only with more than 48 hours notice.

Controlled Access Dispatch

Often our Clients want to control who within their organization can make a dispatch request, so we created a login option that requires a password. If a request is received from an employee or person through the public dispatch request form but they are not on the approved list, Contingent will verify by telephone with Client management that this request is authorized. To set this up simply contact your Business Development Manager or any of our friendly staff.

Client Responsibilities

There are a few things that the Client needs to do to ensure that Contingent can expedite the entire process.

  • Notification of site personnel that a Contingent Field Technician/Engineer will be arriving on-site (or allowing us to notify on your behalf) to perform troubleshooting and repair services,
  • Ensure open access to the site in order that problems are expeditiously resolved,
  • Inform Contingent of all environmental factors affecting a site (i.e., asbestos and other hazardous materials, unexposed high voltage wiring, etc.)
  • Notify Contingent as soon as possible when a cancellation is required. Contingent understands that situations in the field tend to be very “fluid”. In a matter of minutes, you may experience a change in status of your problem and possibly even repair it without our support. These are fortunate outcomes, however, if you must cancel a dispatch you may incur a cancellation fee of $50 plus travel and on-site time per event. If the cancellation comes within 15 minutes of the original dispatch request, this fee will not apply.

Frequently Referenced Terms

  • Principal Period of Service (PPS)
    Contingent shall provide Field Maintenance Service seven (7) days per week, 365 days per year. However, the time of day and day of week a Dispatch Request is received affects On-Site Response time and price. Principal Period of Service (PPS) is defined as Monday ?Friday, 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Local (Affected Site) Time.
  • Dispatch Request Response
    Time This is the time it takes a Project Coordinator to acknowledge receipt of Dispatch Request. The Contingent Client Care Center, manned by the assigned Project Coordinator, will be on a 2-hour response time regardless of criticality or time of day.
  • On-Site Response Time
    This is the time it takes to get the Field Technician/Engineer to the affected site. On-site response time is the time between (1) the earlier of (a) when the Project Coordinator dispatches a Field Technician to an affected site and (b) 2 hours after the initial call is made to Contingent’s Client Care Center (the earlier of (a) and (b) of this clause shall be deemed the “On-site Response Time Measurement Point and (2) when the Field Technician actually arrives on site. Two factors affect response time: 1) call criticality, and 2) distance from the affected site to the nearest available Field Technician/Engineer with the proper skills to resolve the problem
  • Dispatch Monitoring
    Throughout the performance of the dispatch, the Project Coordinator will be available to the Client to answer questions regarding the progress of the dispatched resources.
  • Technical Escalation
    The Client shall have direct access to the Field Technician/Engineer upon request for on-site direction and assistance with technical issues and questions. The Project Coordinator shall facilitate technical assistance at the request of the Client. However, it is Contingent’s policy to resolve issues to the extent possible without contacting the Client during the process.
  • Parts Replacement Assistance
    The Project Coordinator shall act as an intermediary between the Client and the Field Technician/Engineer for replacement product selection and purchase. The Project Coordinator shall recommend parts/product replacement alternatives that are mutually acceptable to both parties when an exact replacement is not available at that time.
  • Call Closure
    The Field Technician/Engineer shall contact the Project Coordinator to confirm repair and if the dispatch was requested by the Client, then the Project Coordinator will request a release from the site by the Client unless otherwise instructed. The Client will send an email notification to the Project Coordinator verifying that release was granted and the time that it occurred. The Project Coordinator shall close the internal trouble ticket by documenting the release.
  • Dispatch Service Levels
    Contingent holds itself to a very strict level of quality in everything we do. As part of our Lifetime Workmanship Warranty, if at any time you are dissatisfied with the work we do, you do not pay. If we are late arriving at an affected site, your rate is automatically discounted to the rate associated with the next most urgent criticality. If we do not respond to your request within the allotted 2 hour response time, you will receive a 10% discount on that request.