What We Do

Network Security & PCI Compliance

 PCI-DSS Certified

One of the most important aspects of your network is it’s security. In each network that Contingent designs and implements, we insist on accounting for all of the possible threats to network integrity. Due to the fact that each network has different risk exposures, Contingent takes a bottom-up approach to network security design. Contingent offers a wide variety of “modular” security solutions which can be assembled in customized combinations to stop threats and quickly restore functionality in the event of a breach.


  • Maximum availability
  • Protection for most vulnerable mission critical data
  • PCI DSS compliance saves audit costs
  • 99% uptime guaranteed through rigid SLA
  • Ability for 1 partner to securely manage all aspects of your network
  • Automatic outage credits
  • Real-time web portal and integration
  • 7×24 Immediate response from US-based Help Desk


  • Peace of mind that your network and transactions
    are secure
  • Confidence that customer information and mission critical data is safeguarded
  • Experience the difference with freedom
    from complicated billing procedures and
    service disclaimers
  • Gain increased flexibility through our modular solutions to get what you want and need
  • Yield additional savings through improved efficiency and by avoiding audit costs

Example Activities

 PCI Compliance (WAN)

Contingent meets relevant sections of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard requirements for WAN connectivity as a certified Network Service Provider. Contingent provides the hardware and configuration services to implement a securely encrypted VPN Connection between Client site locations and the Client’s corporate data center. Protection of confidential financial transactional data and communications is accomplished through VPN design, deployment and support and is a core focus at Contingent.

PCI Log File Maintenance and Retention (Remote LAN)

All active LAN network components and associated events are captured and archived on a dedicated server. Events are sent to security team for intervention and remediation. Functionality included here is designed to satisfy subsections 10-2-10.7 of the PCI Data Security Standard to complement your overall compliance strategy.

PCI Rogue Detection (Remote LAN and WLAN)

All active LAN network components and associated events are captured and archived on a dedicated server. Events are sent to security team for intervention and remediation. Functionality included here is designed to satisfy subsections 10-2-10.7 of the PCI Data Security Standard to compliment your overall compliance strategy.

Proactive Network Monitoring

Contingent’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is manned 24×7 by certified network professionals. The TAC monitors, reports, and responds to network outages and anomalies immediately as they arise. This is accomplished through the use of various industry standard management programs selected based on appropriateness for your network. Contingent monitors networks in real-time through the use of ICMP “ping”, HTTPS or SNMP polling.

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Utilizing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Contingent can monitor whether the back-up job was completed successfully or failed. Back-up retention and administration can be customized to meet Client needs. For day-to-day back-up retention & administration, this Contingent service would need to be developed from beginning to end but could be done manually if needed (resource intensive).

User Account Administration

Utilizing Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Contingent can monitor login criteria extensively for base level visibility into login errors, failures, successes, etc. to assist in detecting password cracking software or hack attempts into a device or system.

Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam Software Administration

This is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware, including computer viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. This level of protection is a must in today’s network and is a service that Contingent can customize to order.

URL Web Filter Software Administration

The Client is in control and determines what content will be available to employees and other users which the computer’s owners or other authorities may consider objectionable.

Anti-Malware Software Administration

Contingent will run automated assessments daily and review the results to find and mitigate systems that have deactivated such protections, as well as systems that do not have the latest malware definitions.

SSL Scanner Software Administration

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Scanner Software helps prevent dangerous eavesdroppers by negotiating point to point security between a Client and a server through encryption. This level of security offered by Contingent also includes the protection of a business network from employee memory devices that may unknowingly contain malware.

Event Log Monitoring

Event logging already takes place as part of Contingent’s own compliance requirements. This service enables the Client to track and report on all access to their network resources and cardholder data through system activity logs. These logs provide a basis for analysis if something should go wrong within the Client’s network. Logging for Client-specific equipment is made available to Clients via secure portal site for 90 days and archived for 1 year.

Drive Space Monitoring

Contingent can monitor disk space capacities by percentage or data size. When any disk reaches those customized thresholds, an automated notification will make you aware of the impeding issue.

Operating System Software Revisions/Patch

Contingent can create customized options to meet Client’s needs, such as:

  • Complete Automation for Patch Discovery and Deployment Patch;
  • Location;
  • Deployment Method and Parameter Control Reliable and up to date Patch Data Base;
  • Complete Roll-Back;
  • Comprehensive History and Reporting;
  • Easy to Use Rapid Deployment


Examples of our scopes of work and our project management can be seen in our various case studies: