What We Do

WAN/LAN Assessment

Site Surveys

There are many different factors that are necessary for a successful network installation. One often overlooked, but crucial part, is a site survey. For each site request, technicians will visit the customer’s location and provide an assessment of necessary activities to complete a specific task. Depending on the level of complexity in the assessment, Contingent will provide an appropriately trained and equipped technician to complete the survey. These certified professionals analyze your facility space, existing capabilities, safety codes, and necessary installations and equipment to make sure that once the project is underway there are no surprises or hidden costs. At the end of the survey, we provide the customer with a formal Site Audit Report which documents the findings and any additional installations or hardware necessary for the project.

Professional Technician Levels

We maintain 4 levels of technicians.  Each level requires an additional amount of training and experience.  Based on the requirements for the activity, Contingent will choose a technician from the appropriate technician level to dispatch to your location and complete the survey.

  • Comcast Field Technician Level 2 (CFT2) – Ability to define problems. Not product specific. Low voltage cable, fiber or 110VAC installation experience. Single O/S, and basic experience in HW diagnosis and software loading. Troubleshooting and basic break fix experience. Typically will work under direct supervision but can work without supervision. 1 year hands-on experience.
  • Comcast Field Technician Level 3 (CFT3) – All of CFT2 requirements plus, laptop and test device equipped. Advanced understanding of O/S and HW diagnosis and software troubleshooting. Troubleshooting and advanced break fix experience. Typically will work without supervision. 5-10 year hands-on experience.
  • Comcast Field Engineer Level 2 (CFE2) – Intermediate hardware skills and ability to complete tasks expected of both CFT levels. Able to do installs, configurations and PC and domain migrations. The CFEs are trained on a wide variety of leading edge hardware and software platforms making them the subject matter experts during the customer’s deployment phase.  Possibly has started some product certifications for either hardware, applications, and/or OS.  These individuals have a strong technical and analytical foundation, along with excellent communication skills that allow them to operate in a supervisory and consultative role to the field.  Depending on their level, the CFEs have hands-on networking and internetworking experience with Ethernet, Layer 2 Switching, Layer 3 and 4 Routing, Fixed Wireless, VoIP, and DSL.  Up to fifteen percent (15%) of the CFEs time is spent on professional education.
  • Comcast Field Engineer Level 3 (CFE3) – All of the CFE2 requirements and superior technical skills in hardware, O/S and applications. Can provide good troubleshooting skills in a networked environment. Ability to act as a group leader. 3-5 years hands-on experience. Further training in networking and communications. Should also have training in additional O/Ss and e-commerce.