What We Do


Contingent delivers a variety of complex deployment services including on-site systems integration, structured cabling and hardware installation throughout the world. We plan, direct, and coordinate the activities of installation projects to ensure that the Client’s objectives are accomplished within the agreed-upon time frame. The Contingent Project Manager handles all aspects of the deployment phase and is a Client’s single point of contact through project completion. See our list of Deployment Project Tips.

Installations include:

  • Edge Routers
  • Modems
  • Switches
  • PBX
  • Cabling
  • Wireless LAN devices
  • Electrical
  • Point of Sale
  • Digital Signage
  • Audio
  • Media Players
  • Menu Boards
  • Kiosks
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Alarm Systems
  • Servers
  • Desktop computers
  • Printers
  • Wireless Access Point
  • Mobile Device integration
  • Power Over Ethernet (POE) Injectors


  • One point of contact
  • Local, regional, national and global deployment resources
  • Broad ranging expertise
  • Staging and logistics facilities to coordinate material kitting and delivery
  • Independent Quality Assurance Program
  • State of the art job tracking and communications system


  • Significant savings through “one person, multiple tasks” approach
  • Internal technical escalation offloads Client’s IT staff
  • Speed and flexibility of schedule, geography and scope of work
  • Fixed price proposals
  • Trusted and unbiased advisory
  • Unparalleled responsiveness

Example Activities

On-Site Installation

Installations are handled by an experienced field team, supervised by local managers and supported by centrally located specialists. Our Field Engineers and Technicians are cross-trained in cable plant, wireless systems, server/desktop OS and applications and other common networking technologies. Contingent’s “one person, multiple mission” approach helps to contain costs and speed project completion.

Circuit Provisioning

Contingent will interact with and manage the performance of your preferred telecommunications carrier(s) and ensure that all circuits are installed and available in accordance with the deployment schedule.

Telecom Activation

“Turn-up” procedures are always a challenge. Today’s carriers have a disparate and confusing set of processes and procedures for circuit activation. Proper coordination and timing of a circuit activation is a rare feat. We coordinate thousands of carrier activations every year with dozens of carriers and are experts at ensuring the carriers get their job done at the precise time when it is needed. Our Technicians will arrive on site and proceed with test and turn up procedures by contacting the NOC and checking that the circuit has been activated.

Material and Equipment Procurement

Contingent resells dozens of lines of structured distribution material, network electronics equipment, server/desktops, and software. Often customers find single-sourcing their material purchases is far less costly than buying from multiple vendors when considering the time savings and Contingent’s purchasing power. Frequently, centralization, staging, configuration, testing and kitting of material components is a critical part of a deployment. Contingent has buying relationships with over 100 manufacturers, distributors and resellers, many offshore, that allow us to massively simplify an already complex deployment process. Contingent has tremendous buying power in many specific categories that can afford a customer even more savings.

Site Preparation

With assistance from our network of technician partners, Contingent handles pre-installation activities such as inside and outside plant construction, and electrical moves, additions and changes. Since we directly manage these resources, error rates are minimized, schedules are met and costs are contained.

Staging, Logistics and Shipping

Contingent operates a 50,000 sqft staging, configuration and logistics center in centrally located Cincinnati, Ohio. This facility is served by dozens of freight carrier companies including UPS and FedEx and is in the freight trucking hub of the metropolitan area. In addition to access to a full compliment of air and ground shipping, Contingent is FAA certified for counter to counter air freight through Delta Airlines and FedEx. Just thirty minutes from Delta’s Air Logistics counter at the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky International Airport and within 99 miles of five other international airports, Contingent can expedite the delivery of materials for same day arrival (depending on flight schedules). Logistics for a deployment or for rapid recovery/support operations can be critical and Contingent can customize a program to work with your specific needs. The Contingent Logistics team assists the Project Manager with various administrative tasks to support the project installation process: basic order-entry, departmental documentation on current installation projects, staging, kitting, transportation and shipment of materials to project site, configuration of electronic equipment and quality assurance.

Network Test and Commission

A critical part of any deployment is verification that the system, once installed, works as it was intended. Part of our due diligence during an installation is to complete a work order checklist with the customer. This checklist may differ from project to project, and even site to site, but its purpose is the same everywhere; to ensure the system is functioning properly and that the customer is completely satisfied. This process comes standard with everything we do and the results are retained in our archive so that details regarding the original deployment can be referenced if trouble arises. If there is ever a question about our quality, we rectify the situation immediately to the customer’s total satisfaction.

Document Management and Reporting

Contingent provides a comprehensive document management and reporting program across all phases of service. Our document management system, available through our Online Client Care Center stores precise facsimiles of documents in digital form. Documents and records containing a manual component (such as handwriting) can be stored in the same manner after being digitized by a scanner. Contingent indexes and assigns security for each type of document, according to your specifications and stores the information to the media of your choice (hard disk, CD-ROM, optical disk, DVD, etc.). Once your documents are securely stored and backed up in our data center, any of your employees with a computer connected over virtually any network including the Internet may access any record(s) to which they have security privileges.