Equipment and Material Suppliers

Contingent resells dozens of lines of structured distribution material, network electronics equipment, server/desktops, software and manufacturer warranty packages. Often Clients find single-sourcing their material purchases is far less costly than buying from multiple vendors when considering the time savings and Contingent’s purchasing power. Frequently, centralization, staging, configuration, testing and kitting of material components is a critical part of a deployment. Contingent has buying relationships with over 100 manufacturers, distributors and resellers, many offshore, that allow us to massively simplify an already complex deployment process.

How to Sell to Contingent

Registering is as easy as filling out our Equipment and Material Suppliers Signup. This form is a valuable tool in gathering information required during a new product evaluation period. Although it requires several minutes to complete, it will help expedite the decision making process and eliminate redundancy. Thank you in advance for answering each question. If you are unsure of how to answer a question, please contact us at Once complete you will be contacted by a Contingent representative when an opportunity to purchase your products arises. Additionally, feel free to contact our purchasing department at to inquire about upcoming projects and about listing your products in our online store at