About Us

What is Contingent Technology Solutions?

Contingent Technology Solutions provides the end-to-end solutions that enable today’s enterprise to leverage increasingly network and internet dependent technologies that fuel competition and drive business outcomes.

What Makes Us Different?

Sustainable Competitive Advantage

No single activity that Contingent performs is impossible to copy. The nature of our sustainable competitive advantage lies in the way we assemble, organize and perform these activities. We are project management driven and multi-site experts. We provide a single point of contact for your network services needs and hold ourselves completely responsible for execution of the job.

Company Overview

Mission Statement

To profitably provide our customers with practical, high quality, cost-effective network products and services wherever and whenever needed.

Technology Competencies

Contingent services our customers’ needs using a wide array of Professional Field Solutions. We can call on a vast network of subject matter experts ready to help a customer at the precise moment when help is needed. Contingent focuses in three primary technology domains: Integrated Network Technologies, Structured Distribution and WAN Telecommunications.

Integrated Technology Services

  • Networking Equipment (router, switch, firewall, hub, modem, power back-up)
  • Voice/Video Equipment (legacy pbx, VoIP, IP Telephony, VoFR, VoDSL, IP-based CCTV, broadband video)
  • Server/Desktop Equipment (pc, server, network storage, printer, scanner, atm, point-of-sale)

Structured Distribution Technologies

  • Structured Premise Cabling (CAT3, 5, 5e, 5E, 6, premise fiber, coax, wall-field, cabinets, bays, demarcs)
  • Outside Plant Cabling (underground and aerial fiber/coax splicing, boring, trenching, terminations)
  • Wireless Infrastructure (Wi-Fi point to point/multi-point/omni-premise and campus)

Responsiveness and Flexibility

When a customer considers engaging Contingent Technology Solutions on a project of any size, we focus on exceeding expectations. Too often today, vendors take their customers for granted. That attitude can take many forms but one telltale sign is their apparent lack of responsiveness. If you call Contingent Technology Solutions and somebody doesn’t answer the phone or the email immediately, we consider that a problem. We are living in an age of enhanced communications systems and so there are no excuses for making our customers wait for a response. Our employees are equipped with state of the art tools to communicate at any hour that the Client so desires. Our Clients’ business issues vary, many are mission critical and many are 24 hour 7 day operations and so are we. We see ourselves as an actual extension of our customers’ operations and even if you take a break, we never do. Call us when you absolutely, positively must have it done under any conditions with virtually no notice.